Gambling Laws In Georgia

There are quite a few laws in place in the United States which regulate gambling, none as important as the Federal Wire Act and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) which make it illegal to operate a gambling business facilitating bets. These laws are in place to halt racketeering and organized crime while leaving the casual social gambler largely at peace. There is much room left by the federal government for each state to expand on the laws and form their own legislation in regards to gambling and Georgia so happens to be one such state with its own detailed statutes. This page is dedicated to helping Georgia residents understand their state laws and regulations so that they may engage in safe and lawful gambling if they so desire, without fear of penalty from the law.

Legality of Gambling in Georgia - Is It Legal?

Georgia does in fact frown upon gambling and the act is a misdemeanor in the state. If prosecuted and found guilty, one could receive a small fine or up to 20 days in jail however there is no record of this happening. There is a notable difference between gambling and ‘Commercial Gambling’ where the latter is a felony and may include a fine up to $20,000 and imprisonment up to 5 years. Georgia falls right in line with federal laws in this regard that the business of gambling is a serious offense while the simple act of placing a bet is largely ignored.

The Georgia state code clearly defines the offense of gambling. Go read Georgia statute 16-12-21 and it will be obvious that it is wise to gamble discreetly even though there appears to be very little enforcement of Georgia's anti-gambling laws.

Georgia’s laws are all encompassing with the main forms of gambling. While Georgia has a state lottery, you will not be able to find any other instances of being able to take a chance on luck. The laws in place prohibit casinos, pari-mutuel betting such as race tracks, sports betting and even live poker. It is important to note however, that the monitoring of what happens in one own home is non-existent as it is posited that many Georgia residents have played a number of home poker games among friends without fear of being slapped with a misdemeanor.

Land-Based Gambling In Georgia

There are really only two ways for someone to gamble and that is either land-based or online. Although Georgia is one of the more conservative gambling states in the union, there is one single solitary land based option to take a risk with your money. The Emerald Princess Dinner & Casino Cruise makes evening trips from the city of Brunswick 3 miles out and into international waters. This is the only legal venue in the entire state where one can play casino games and live poker. There are just 130 slot machines and 11 table games to cater to the entire state so make sure to call ahead if you wish to join in the most exclusive gambling site in Georgia.

Online Gambling In Georgia

Online gambling is a little more difficult to explain as there is no mention in the state legislature in regards to using online gambling sites. In fact, this is the one bright spot to gambling in Georgia. There is absolutely nothing standing in the way of anyone wishing to place a bet online and there is no record of any investigation or enforcement of gambling laws in regards to online wagering. This means that Georgia residents can refer to the federal laws to be their guide in what they can and cannot do.

The federal laws in place across the country make it illegal to facilitate bets online from within U.S. jurisdiction but does not punish casual social bettors. The act of making a bet is still allowed. It is with this information kept in mind that Georgia residents need only find an online gambling site which is located outside of federal law. Many exist throughout many different countries and even cater to an American audience despite their foreign location. They are safe, legal and operate under their own rigid gambling laws within their own country.

All of the major forms of gambling can be found online to be safely and legally taken advantage of. Online casinos remain popular featuring every major classic that can be found in Las Vegas such as craps, blackjack and roulette with a variety of sites offering services to Georgia residents. Online poker rooms are another popular destination on the web for locals in the peach state. With every variation of the game and millions of users to help build the pot, you will be able to play low or high stakes for casual games or massive palm sweating battles. Sports betting is another big one which can be found online for Georgia residents with a number of online sportsbooks providing favorable odds across a wide range of sports with even more betting options. All of these exciting online gambling choices are available, legal and safe for locals to explore and play for real money.

Popular Gambling Options In Georgia:

Online Sportsbooks - Online Casinos - Online Poker

Bovada Review
Bovada Review

Bovada is one such site which we highly recommend for Georgia residents and we cannot sing its praises loudly enough. This online gambling site was initially an American company that only moved to neighboring Canada after federal laws pushed its operations out of the country. They have continued their service to American citizens, those in Georgia included, for decades, to rave reviews. The site offers every major form of gambling from casino games, online poker rooms and some of the best sports betting on the entire internet.

With an impressive page design and user-friendly interface which can be accessed via desktop, laptop or mobile device, Bovada's users know that they’ll never miss out on the action no matter where they are. The live betting features are impressive when betting on a game as it unfolds before your eyes while sitting between the hedges with a smart phone. Bovada remains the top destination for legal and safe online gambling for residents all across the state.

Legal Georgia Gambling Sites
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What Is The Legal Age To Gamble In Georgia?

One way to complicate and already complex legal situation in Georgia is by gambling underage. The legal age for most online gambling sites to accept Georgia residents is 18, and to avoid any further complications (not to mention issues with you gambling site). strongly recommends waiting until a resident is of legal age in order to gamble.

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